Friday, November 30, 2007

Vulgate Verses Wiki Now Available

I have expanded my existing wiki for Latin Via Proverbs in order to accommodate all the materials from Vulgate Verses! With a consolidated search for both books, I think the wiki will now be extremely useful for Latin students and teachers alike.

Latin Via Proverbs and Vulgate Verses: The Wiki

The wiki allows you to search the contents of the book, so if there is a particular word or phrase you are looking for, you can find it easily. Digital searching online is so much more effective than trying to use a printed index for a book! Just one click, and "you are there," looking at the passage in the book that is of interest to you.

I am also using the wiki as a place to accumulate Study Guides and other materials of use to Latin students and teachers using these books. In the case of Latin Via Proverbs, I am providing English translations of the proverbs and information about the sources. For the Vulgate Verses, the emphasis will be on grammatical commentary and notes about any non-classical features of the Latin.

Subscribe to this blog in order to keep up with new materials as they are added to the wiki! I will be posting information here at this blog about the Study Guides and other materials as they are added. It's going to be a busy year in 2008 for the wiki! :-)