Friday, November 30, 2007

Latin Bible Resources Online

In addition to providing information about the Vulgate Verses book here at the blog, I'll also be including information about valuable resources that might be of help as you study Latin in general, and the Latin Bible in particular.

Here are two great basic resources:

New Advent Latin-English Bible: If you are looking for an online interlinear Bible, the presenation at the New Advent (Catholic Encyclopedia) website is really excellent. Each chapter of each book is on its own page, with good navigation throughout. You can also do a specialized Google search of this site simply by adding to your Google search. For example: lapides

King James Bible, including Apocrypha: If you want to consult the King James Bible online, including the apocryphal books, this University of Michigan website is excellent. It features each book on a single page, rather than chapter by chapter, which makes it easy to search through a single book of the Bible just by using the search feature of your browser.

Sacred Texts Polyglot Bible: This presents an easy-to-read layout of the King James, Hebrew, Greek and Latin texts, with hyperlinks from the King James version to entries from Strong's Bible Concordance. It's a fantastic online resource!